“M’s English has seen a massive improvement. Whereas when we first started with you his teachers had flagged that he was underachieving for his year group, M. is now on the cusp of ‘exceeding’ or ‘greater depth’.  This is exactly what we were aiming for, so well done. He is thriving from the exclusive attention your sessions provide, and he takes pride in the efforts you and he are putting in together and that is making all the difference. I think also your approach and the subject choice is novel and he finds satisfying.” March 2024

“Margaret is not simply a ‘teacher’. She embodies a great many wonderful qualities that place her in a category of her own. Her passion for teaching the curriculum through movement and drama shines brightly through her, and its reflection is clear to see in my son who absolutely adores her and the lessons she artfully curates for him each week. They have journeyed far and wide so far… covering the globe across time and space, including; Dinosaurs, Fossils/Palaeontology, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece… The Solar System. Every week is a new adventure, and it surely warms my heart to witness my son so happy and engaged with learning again.” October 2023

“Margaret somehow manages to deftly draw in multiple other aspects across the curriculum to ensure each lesson is not only gently encouraging my son to practice his reading, writing and numbers, but there is also the seamless exploration of history, geography, science, drama and literature. All achieved with such great humour and joy that I think my son barely notices the vastness of his learning during their lessons together.” October 2023