I am a literacy teacher with a particular interest in the role of the arts in teaching – especially drama. I believe drama involves the whole person – body, mind and spirit and therefore strengthens the learning experience. My PhD research focused on drama to strengthen scientific understanding and I have written about this in my book ‘Teaching Through Embodied Learning’. I am a member of the United Kingdom Literacy Association and I serve on the publications sub-committee.

I have called my site ‘Becoming Literate’ because I intend to share my evolving understanding of what it means to be literate in today’s world. As a literacy intervention teacher I aim to help students become literate so that they are able to be successful at school. I have just started to read ‘The Forgotten Third’ (edited by Roy Blatchford), thus called because of the startling fact that after 12 years of schooling, one third of pupils in the UK leave school without any certified recognition of success. This is cruel. I would like to think that some of the ideas I blog about can contribute to our national debate on guaranteeing success at some meaningful level for all pupils.

I don’t just write about education though! Life and its meanderings will also be commented upon. I look forward to the dialogue…

Favourite books on teaching:

‘The Courage to Teach’ – Parker J Palmer

‘Collected Writings on Education and Drama’ – Dorothy Heathcote. Edited by Liz Johnson and Cecily O’Neill

‘The Dramatic Method of Teaching’ – Harriet Finlay Johnson