Edited by Debra McGregor and Dayle Anderson this Springer publication presents a collection of international research papers about the effectiveness of learning science through drama pedagogies. My chapter documents a case study on teaching main ideas about the solar system through the drama convention of tableau.


Minibook 51 Cover
‘As a contribution to the United Kingdom Literacy Association’s series of Minibooks you may be wondering what embodied learning has to do with literacy? Everything is my response.’
Published in June 2021, ‘Embodied Learning: Bringing Knowledge to Life for Primary and Secondary Teachers’ is a guide for teachers on how to apply movement for learning in English, Science, Geography and History at the Primary and Secondary level.


‘Teaching Through Embodied Learning’ addresses the neglect of the body in learning. In proposing an alternative pedagogical approach, the book presents a detailed account of a research study in a primary classroom that used the body to represent important scientific concepts related to the solar system.


This article published in ‘The Reading Teacher’ focuses on the drama convention of tableau (still image) to strengthen learning across the curriculum by involving the whole body to learn.