Parental comments:

Margaret is not simply a ‘teacher’. She embodies a great many wonderful qualities that place her in a category of her own. Her passion for teaching the curriculum through movement and drama shines brightly through her, and its reflection is clear to see in my son who absolutely adores her and the lessons she artfully curates for him each week. They have journeyed far and wide so far… covering the globe across time and space, including; Dinosaurs, Fossils/Palaeontology, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece… The Solar System. Every week is a new adventure, and it surely warms my heart to witness my son so happy and engaged with learning again.

Margaret somehow manages to deftly draw in multiple other aspects across the curriculum to ensure each lesson is not only gently encouraging my son to practice his reading, writing and numbers, but there is also the seamless exploration of history, geography, science, drama and literature. All achieved with such great humour and joy that I think my son barely notices the vastness of his learning during their lessons together. 

Teacher responses to learning science through movement:

“Consolidation of key science vocab and practical examples of what each property means”

“Active exciting style of learning”

“Keeps children engaged and interested”

“Concrete learning”

Y4 Student responses to learning about digestion through movement

“I enjoyed being a piece of food”

“I enjoyed squishing through the small intestines”

“I found it funny when we all came out as waste”

“I learnt that the small intestine was bendy”

Comments by particle physicists following a workshop on how to use drama to teach particle collision:

“Very useful – I can’t lie, I was sceptical at first but there is a lot of potential with the activities”

“Excellent workshop. The drama ‘hands on’ exercises were brilliant and got everyone involved, less self conscious and laughing (most importantly). I think the science would also stick much better after it”

“Got a conversation started about different ways to interact and teach and get the kids involved in what we are teaching them”

“Lots of fantastic ideas and very enjoyable. Beyond the impact this will have on Tactile Collider, I can see how this could be applied in many settings”

Comments by employees of Henley Chocolates after their staff training session:

“Really enjoyed the whole session. Met our objectives of bonding whilst having fun. It was really relaxed and effective. Highly recommended”

“Fun friendly session thank you. Learnt about my colleagues”

“Good. Lots of laughter – allowed us to be silly without feeling stupid”

“Enjoyable and enthusiastic. Loved the idea of not needing props”

“Good fun. Smiled the whole time”

“It was good to think about things in a different way and playing games is always fun!”