Becoming Literate

First of all I feel the need to acknowledge the above heading and the naming of this blog. The phrase ‘becoming literate’ is found within the quote of a writer and academic I greatly admire and wish I could have met! Her name is Maxine Greene (1917 – 2014 – wow!!!) and in the book ‘Releasing the Imagination’ she writes, “Imagination will always come into play when becoming literate suggests an opening of spaces, an end to submergence and a consciousness of the right to ask why” (1995, p. 25). I love this quote because it mentions the provocation of imagination through the process of becoming literate – and this process is aligned with expansion of thought and experience. I am also indebted to Michelle Obama in the curation of this title! Yesterday – January 1st – I symbolically finished reading her book ‘Becoming’. I say symbolically because January 1st is traditionally associated with enlightenment and a determination to ‘become’ more than we were the year before. I don’t actually subscribe to this – way too much pressure – but I love the word ‘becoming’ because it suggests a continual development rather than one that can be measured at any particular time.

And so to the word ‘literate’. I am a literacy intervention teacher and I have a doctorate in literacy – so the word and what it means is extremely important to me. I intend to use this space to document what ‘becoming literate’ actually means and to expand on narrow definitions of literacy through examining life as a lived literacy.


  1. Grace

    You are doing marvellously well mum. I love your enthusiasm and determination you give to your blog posts and management of your website. Your website is astonishing and it takes an incredible amount of tenacity and devotion to achieve what you have.